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Angel in blue jeans by calicocat123
Angel in blue jeans
Hi everyone,

it's been a while I guess
I found this drawing and wanted to finisch it.
I had inspiration from this song:…
angel in blue jeans by Train.
I really love this song and came up with this drawing
Hope you like it :D
Day 7 inktober by calicocat123
Day 7 inktober
It's a little baby dragon, just hatching from the egg
But beware of mom, she is always there to watch. Hurt her baby and she will fry you :D
Hope you guys like it ^^
Day 6 inktober by calicocat123
Day 6 inktober
I don't really like this one...was just practicing to draw something else
it was meant to be a celticknot, but...I think it's a bit stretched out XD
Day 5 inktober by calicocat123
Day 5 inktober
Yes, I am late, but still going strong!
the photo of the drawing is crappy, sorry about that I had to take the picture on school.
Still hope you guys like it ^^

Just a dude drinking his beer :D


loves to drink hot chocolat
Hello ^^

okay...what to tell about my self...umm

My name is calicocat123 and I am from the Netherlands.
well I do love to draw, take photo's and I am a huge fan of Alice in wonderland.
I cosplay not only Alice, also June from the game (what you just lost) 999. Awesome game btw.
I draw a lot and have always a pencil with me...It is a habit XD
Any Questions? No? Good. ^^
Hi everyone, 

It's been a while since i wrote here. But I didn't forget you guys! I was just busy with life...and tumblr XD
Anyway...I had a lot of stuff to do. I took another study, which took awhile of choosing what I really wanted (mental-breakdowns everywhere) ...because that is hard. In the vacation I did volunteer work in Slovakia. That was an amazing time, I have learned a lot and we just had a lot of fun helping those people. It was amazing to do. 
I also worked in the hospital as a vacation job, that was very interesting for me ^^ 
I also went to Abunai with a group of friends! that was a lot of fun! I cosplayed Jack Frost <3 and eevee.:D
:iconnaruto-ii: made all the photo's of my cosplays so he will put them on his deviantart and they will appear on mine too... eventually XD

Now about the study. 
I do continue the study nursing, only at a lower level.
Yes I have thought about taking another study but...I just really like this one. I am happy now, less stress and more fun ^^
I love fun <3

So now that was a little summary of what is going on lately. XD
So let's get some stuff started, because I have been tagged by :iconevil-alice8:

1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 5 questions asked to you and invent 5 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose 5 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 5 people.
4. No tag backs.

5 facts about me
1. My friends say I have a disney-voice when I sing XD
2. I still have to watch the anime attack on titan XD
3. every year I do some pumpkin carving around Halloween
4. I love to ship Jack and Hiccup (they are soooo cute together <3 OTP!)
5. I am a lazy ass with uploading stuff on deviantart XD

questions to answer

1. What is you favorite game?
My favorite game is Alice madness returns. I love the story of Alice in wonderland and the game is just epic!

What is you favorite pokemon?
My favorite pokémon is eevee, she is fluffy and cute AND I cosplay her ^^ I even made her tail out of yarn and began with it a week before the con started...the stress! XD but it was still fun to make the tail

What is your favorite weapon (from a game or anime)
My all time favorite is the s
cythe, this one is not really from an anime or's just that I love how epic a scythe can be...I guess it would by my weapon of choice next to the frying pan XD 
from a game or anime is it the hobby horse from Alice madness returns

4. What is your favorite anime
well... I didn't watch a lot of anime...I am more a manga reader. But I loved the anime I first saw. Black Butler...I still need to see season 3 but I love season 1...I didn't like season 2 thought...sorry guys XD

What is your favorite pony, of my little pony?
hahaha XD yes I have seen it XD and I found it quit good actually ^^
So my favorite pony is Apple Jack ^^

1. What is your favorite animal? (YOU CAN ALSO CHOOSE A MYTHICAL CREATURE!) 
2. What is your weapon of choice?
3. What is your favorite Halloween movie?
4. What book do you read at this moment?
5. Your favorite character is alive, and you meet him/her. What would you do?

Let's tag some people! ^^


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  • Drinking: coffee =D

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